Baby Shower Cupcakes and Iced Biscuits

I rerally enjoyed this project as not only the happy occasion where the gender of the baby was revealed at the shower, hence the pink and blue theme. Also my clients requested eggless - I had no problem with the cake or biscuit content but the 'royal icing' was an interesting challenge as the cake decorators staple icing is royal made with egg white & icing sugar. - short bit of research on the net I settled on icing sugar, lemon juice, bit of piping gel & a pinch of cmc in the mix - worked a bomb in both consistencies piping and runny - also jolly tasty !

                    Baby Shower Cupcakes   Baby Shower Cupcakes  Baby Shower Cupcakes

                                                                   Baby Shower Cupcakes   Baby Shower Cupcakes


                                                                       Baby Shower Iced Biscuits       Baby Shower Iced Biscuits

                                                                Baby Shower Iced Biscuits  Baby Shower Iced Biscuits