Food Allergens and Intolerances

          *****News Update - I am not taking any further orders from now on until further notice. This decision has been made due to the rapid failure of my husband's health and my need to care for him - it is with great sadness on both accounts that lead me to suspending my business  - Thank you for your understanding, support and visiting my site which will be closed in the coming weeks - much love to all  ☺


      Allergy poster    

   I have been rated 5* by City of Wolverhampton Council for Food Hygene and have met and practice the required knowledge concerning  Allergies in Food preparation  - 16th december 2015

Wheat Free Baking ingredients used :-                               
GF Flour, Self raising Flour and Baking Powder from Doves Farms
Caster and Icing sugar
Silver Spoon & Tate & Lyle sugars are gluten free
Eggs    Milk    Cream
Vanilla extract
V Extract

I make my own paste for modelling due to the uncertainty of the ready made bought Sugarpaste

This product mixed with egg white & Icing sugar 'sets' the paste

Improves texture, stabilizes foam (beer), prevents fruit from settling, prevents sugar from crystallizing (cake icings), binds water (used in diet foods): Ice cream, beer, pie fillings and jellies, cake icings, diet foods. Cellulose is a safe and inexpensive carbohydrate that comprises the woody parts and cell walls of plants. Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) is a safe thickening agent that is made by reacting cellulose (wood pulp, cotton lint) with a derivative of acetic acid (the acid in vinegar). It is also called cellulose gum. CMC is not absorbed or digested, so it might be included in with "dietary fiber" on food labels (it isn't as healthful as fiber obtained from natural foods).

Food colouring - Sugarflair food colours

Edible Icing sheets for photo pics

       Manchester United football cake

This Cake is totally Gluten Free - made the paste myself from Marshmallow, White Chocolate and Modelling pastes - it also tasted nice !!!!



Nuts are not used if specified by my client - I do keep nuts in stock and prepare food in the same kitchen where nuts have been used.


Butter, Milk and Cream can be omitted on request and substituted with non dairy products, for Dairy Allergies or Vegan diets.



Eggs - Egg Free Vanilla, Red Velvet, Coffee, Lemon, Orange and Chocolate sponge cake available on request, for Vegan and egg free diets.



Vegetarian Baking

Ingredients such as Butter for baking and fat for greasing & use in modelling paste is bought with manufacturers guarantee suitable for vegetarian diet.

also :- Chocolate and Ready made Fondant.

Food is prepared in a kitchen that uses non vegetarian products.